Get the 'beached look' for summer November 25 2013

We have been having such extraordinary hot sunny weather here in the city.
It feels as though summer is well and truly here.
I don't know about you but I'm scrambling around trying to organize myself for summer.
What will I wear? Where will I go? One of those questions is easy. The other not so much.
And what will I get my brothers for Christmas? (It has to be clothes, God knows they don't know how to shop for themselves!)

The look for menswear this summer is clear: 'Bermuda nights.' Think: 80s sun bleached canvas, cotton in preppy pastels, (vintage Ralph Lauren), boat shoes, canvas slip ons   50s Hawaiian shirts (vintage look), and the occasional 90s piece of colour. Above the knee Bermuda shorts are de- rigeur,  striped tees and faded neon. Don't fear! We have most of that here. and here.

In other news it was the anniversary of JFKs death on the weekend...say he made Bermudas very popular indeed.(See what I did there?) Let him be your style icon when dressing this season.- But no 'walking socks' please. That is illegal. See below for a demonstration:


correct (caveat: pants should be faded green)

INCORRECT! Partial credit for the salmon shorts. (Acceptable only at a Tory conference, or when lunching aboard Robert Maxwells yacht- lifejacket required.)