1. Do you post overseas?

We sure do! We will post wherever you want, however please ensure you have the correct address, and you include all the right postcodes, building names and street numbers.

2. How much is postage? Click here

3. What forms of payment do you accept?

There are 3 ways we accept payment: Credit Card (preferred), Direct Debit into our New Zealand bank account and Paypal.
Please see below for details:

Credit Card - We accept Visa, Master Card. We operate a secure payment page, which you may need to enter your 3 digit security number (this is found on the back of the card, on the signature strip). This is an optional extra.

Direct Debit - In step 2 of the checkout process you will be asked if you would like to pay via credit card or PayPal. 

Cheque - is only accepted with prior approval (please email orders@billitees.co.nz for full details)

Please Note: We don't accept UK Debit / Switch cards or Visa Electron.

4. How long does it take for delivery? Click here

5. If I buy the wrong size garment, can I exchange it?

Because we’re such good buggers, we will happily exchange it for another size, as long as it’s returned in its original condition.
Click here find out how to Return / Exchange your garment.

Please Note: To save time and costs involved, please check our Sizing Chart before you place an order.

6. What happens if my order doesn’t arrive?

If your garment should not arrive at its destination within the estimated delivery time please email us at orders@billitees.co.nz so we can place an inquiry with the postal service. This process requires a response from you to enable us to replace your garment. Please be aware it can take up to one month for the Post Office to make contact with you and then back with us. To help ensure a minimum of loss, please double check the address when you place your order with us!

7. Can I buy a garment and get it sent to a friend as a gift?

Too right you can – and they will love you forever!! We will even wrap and message it for you too [and a card if you wish]. Ahh, the hassle free life! Please ensure you fill in the order correctly and double-check their address! (We cannot be held not responsible if an order is lost due to an incorrect address being provided)

If you are unsure which tee they will like, why not send a Gift Voucher?

8. How do I buy a Gift Voucher for a present?

Choose the Gift Voucher tab, either from the Women's, Mens or Kids menu. Choose the voucher amount you want or the product you want to send as a gift, then proceed through the checkout process. Easy as that.

9. How do you use a Gift Voucher?

Once you have chosen your garment, proceed through to the purchase section. In Step 2 of the purchase section, under 'Other Info' fill in your voucher code in the appropriate box. Make sure you have no spaces when filling in this code.

10. I received a Billi Tees item as a gift, however it is the wrong size. Can I exchange it?

Sure, that’s not a problem. Click here find out how to Return / Exchange your garment.

11. Do your Retailers stock your full range?

We currently sell Billi Tees product online only.